A German perspective on successful social business stories

Une approche pragmatique, humble, en constante évolution par des entreprises performantes pour des résultats très intéressants ! à découvrir, comprendre et s’en inspirer. Merci

Ripple Effect Group

At Ripple Effect Group, we are acutely aware of the impact of culture on technology adoption and the use of social media. In this guest post, Christoph Schmaltz – a Ripple Effect Group associate based in Munich, Germany – explores the case studies of three German companies that have been successful in their social business journey.

I am German. I hate being late. I am tall. I am not blond. I don’t have blue eyes. I don’t drink (much) beer. I am not a fan of David Hasselhoff. I don’t wear Lederhosen. I hate Sauerkraut! And sometimes my room is a chaos.

Chaos. German style.

No. I mean real chaos. Not German style!  In certain aspects I am not your typical German, in others I certainly am.

Just to make sure: Stereotypes don’t apply in all its glory to everyone, but there are reasons they exist. This blog post is not about stereotypes per se though…

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