Social CRM : Gartner « hors-sujet » !

Social CRM : Gartner « hors sujet » ?

A vous de juger mais avant prenez le temps de lire ce très bon billet qui replace le « social CRM » dans sa singularité, c’est à dire une « discipline » au coeur des interactions humaines et de leurs moteurs, pas dans les processus des organisations !

Mitch Lieberman - A title would limit my thoughts

I need to begin with the following: I have the highest respect for the authors and contributors to the recently released Gartner Magic Quadrant for Social CRM. I am disagreeing with the ideas and concepts, not people. I am more troubled that what was published is so off the mark, as it leads to further confusion in an already confused space. This is not to say that the companies included in various locations are right or wrong either, it is simply the apples to oranges comparison of ‘things’.

Desperate to Call it a Strategy, yet Describe it as an Application

At the outset, the authors describe Social CRM as a » business strategy that generates opportunities ».  While I agree with the first part, it is the second part that is the struggle as it takes an inside-out company centric view. The single most important part of Social CRM is that it…

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